Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm making sure the birds are well fed.

There's Bruno inside, having his hay.

The pond is frozen solid.

The lad is staying warm, with 2 padded blankets, and lots of hay.

I thought I'd try a painting of this, NOT that I like the snow, but the grasses do make an interesting and complex composition.

My favorite tree [yes, I have a favorite tree!] in the park.

Out for a quick walk with the dog. WOW, was it cold!!!

Our weather has suddenly become most un-Vancouver-like.  Out in the countryside, we've had temperatures down to -7C at night, and it feels much colder ... you know, the sort of cold that freezes the inside of your nose. And we've had a fair bit of snow over the past 3 days, about 8 inches. So that means no riding, just stuffing Bruno full of hay, and making sure he has warm water [carried from the house]. If horses do not have potable water, they could develop an impaction in the colon, colic, and possibly die - serious business!
All this means I am also getting on with Buddy's portrait. And I am going through my photo reference to find some flowers with HOT colors! 

I've finished "mapping" the colors of his face, and am starting in with the blacks. As always, all your comments are so very welcome!


  1. I'm loving the dog portrait already!
    We seem to have escaped the snow this year...so far!!

  2. We've escaped the snow so far this winter - so somebody had to have it! I love your fav tree - that has to be painted.

    I'm enjoying your canine WIP - always fascinating to see how artists 'grow' their work. Hugs. x

  3. wonderful shots. i'm moving in. expect me in the spring. what a lovely place to live. keep bruno warm and yourself too. the painting is coming along beautifully as usual. take care!

  4. The snow gives such a fairy look to the surroundings, it may be cold but it is looking good! I didn't know that horses need hot potable water... well actually I don't know anything about horses :-), but that must be quite a hassle with this weather. But as the saying goes, nothing is so bad that it isn't good for something, so at least you get to paint. I am not going to comment on Buddy but wait till he is finished, but as always I enjoy seeing the procedure.

  5. Your wip is coming along beautifully. As for heat well, its been in the 60's in Va. so it doesn't feel very wintery to us! :-)

  6. Our snow is melting and its raining cats and dogs. I think the snow went to your farm. We used to have horses and donkeys,, they keep ya busy- but I keep my moms more busy.
    Are you really going to paint that clump of grass? They will be so pretty!

  7. Cold and snow brrrrrrrrrr...
    glad you've got the painting to be gettign on with - its looking very good, too :) xx

  8. Wow! Kathryn...love how Buddy is coming along. His scarf is awesome. Love WIP...this one looks like a good one.
    No snow yet where I live and it hasn't been "too" cold. I can usually tell... the koi pond gets frozen over in my backyard! I put a hot pot to melt holes on the ice so the little guys can breathe!!

  9. Brrrr! It has been difficult to paint in the cold but am loving the snow as well! I look forward to seeing what you do with your photos. And Buddy is looking fantastic. You can definitely feel the love that you have for your animals in your paintings.

  10. I love when you show shots of the lad. He's such a beauty. And your Buddy painting is looking wonderful! The scarf is such a fun touch. :)

  11. It seems to be progressing just fine, Kathryn!

  12. Oh my goodness it looks FREEZING there! Please stay warm! And I'm loving progress on Buddy's portrait... it looks like it's going to be amazing! Keep us updated!


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  13. thanks so much for all your lovely comments...so much appreciated! *hug*

  14. I though I had already commented on this one. Perhaps I missed. I cannot imagine how it feels to be living in such a cold place with snow falling all around. But some day I hope to experience it too:)
    The painting is coming out really well. I am really eager to see the finished result.

  15. Otto is progressing beautifully! WAY too much snow for us, too