Monday, January 16, 2012

The Ballade of Buddy ... or ... Buddy the VI

I really liked the head, especially the eyes and nose.
Pat, Buddy's owner, wanted a background, of which I made a supreme mess, so onto the next rendition. 

I started with the tan on his face, and then went into the shadows of his scarf. 

Got a "bit" too intense too soon ...

A "collage" of the good head on the bad painting, for color reference.

I am here now, working on ANOTHER version. To my eye, it seems to be going well.

The ballade of Buddy Graham continues. Stay tuned if you dare! And please feel free to leave  comments, questions, good jokes ...  I love to hear from you!!!


  1. I love it!!!! The first head looks beautiful and the last version is also going great! I love doing the same painting several times too when I am not so satisfied with the first version, or when I want to try a different method of painting and compare the effect. I'm waiting to see how it develops!

  2. This is coming out very well. Your patience in trying it once again will surely pay off. The person who commissioned you will be very satisfied.
    Best wishes,

  3. look foward to next version katharyn ...the eye on the far side seems a little out to me on the initial portrait

  4. I really like how you capture the texture of his little nose, draws me in right away, so realistic, very nice.

  5. I think the first head was fabulous.

  6. What a pity with the first one ,that was really great! But I trust you to make this one perfect...all around. And I just so admire your persistence and patience!

  7. My moms and me liked them both. But I am learning by watching my mama and listening to her- that artists are never satisfied with their work. But, I am the expert- and I say I loved them both. But you are the one who must be happy.
    How can you do these so fast? Your amazing!