Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Battle Is Engaged ... or ... I've Started the Bridge

This is the monster, with first washes, showing its size  13 x 30 inches.

I decided to go moody and broody  with the background. It might be a bit of a reflection of my mood, or that I just don't see and feel about Vancouver the way I did when I was living there. It just seemed trite to paint the bridge with a glowing sunset. Maybe next time ... 

I've started blocking in the shadows, using quin. pink, quin. burnt orange and indanthrone.

And I couldn't resist trying another sketch of "The Prince" aka Julian.

And a small narcissus, to play with later.

I was thrilled to get an email from Pat Elliot. She and her husband love Missy's portrait so much, Missy will be flying over the ocean to stay with them :) I just have to touch up the ear color, as the photo didn't show the color well.

As always, your comments are most welcome.


  1. I really like the moody background. I'm sure it's going to be fabulous! And I just LOVE your sketches too :0)

  2. Hello Kathryn:) At first I couldn't figger out how to look at your bridge, but now I do:) I think it's going to be a wonderful painting. I said it a view times on my blog: if I have a bad mood, I paint dark:)
    Your sketches are beautiful, especially the narcissus. I keep follow the bridge. Good luck!

  3. We cannot wait to see what you do to make it all "happen"

  4. Your hands just won't sit still will they ? :-) From bridge to sketches always doing something, I am sure you will solve the bridge problem brilliantly, and your sketches are just great ! xx

  5. Looks good, the bridge! And your sketches are really great! How wonderful that your painting is going to Pat!

  6. You're certainly very active, Kathryn. Looking forward to developments, especially the bridge!

  7. So much going on at the same time!!! :-)

  8. The bridge is going to be fab!

    We will be delighted to welcome the "other" Missy home :)
    I will heartily recommend anyone who wants a realistic portrait painted to come to you. We are glad to have done that with Missy.