Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Brief WIP and a Question

First washes were aureolin and two orange hues. Then I started going over those with a green mixture.

This was after the two complete washes.

I did another w/w wash with a much darker green.

Several glazes were done on the flower.

The first few glazes are done on the leaves.

I've posted about a third of the photos I've taken of this rose in progress.  I'm also working on another, the rose at a slightly different angle, and in predominantly cool colors. For a while, I have been thinking of creating an e-book, a short pamphlet of detailed and illustrated instructions on my technique of painting one subject. If it received a positive response, I would do more on other subjects, perhaps animal portraits and still life. My question is would any of you readers be interested in such a book? I have had requests to do a video, but my technique is slow, and would be about as interesting to watch as watching cement dry. I really would love to hear what you have to say about an e-book.

As always, your comments are most welcome! 


  1. One of your best, Kathryn! I look forward to seeing this one finished.

  2. HI Kathryn, I think an ebook would be great. Your work is beautiful. YES do it!! love to you Diana

  3. Hi Kathryn:) I like your step by step pictures always very nice and certainly instructive. So an e-book I would find definitely very nice! The rose that you are working on now is also very nice. The rose comes to life:)

  4. To do a video, (which I've been looking at the various ones out on pastel painting. So I think there would be interest), you would have to make an exact series of the same drawings and then show the different steps each on a different "copy." --Like cooks do when showing how to prepare a certain complicated dish. They show the process (the step) then they take the finished one out of the oven. Videos can be stopped and started again, but that's tricky. A book with photographs would be easier.

    When it comes to watercolor, the thing that baffles me is masking, either with masking liquid or by cutting and fitting a frisket, on both wet and dry surfaces.

  5. Fabulous Kathryn! What a beautiful rose! You can always edit videos or speed them up... But yes, an e-book sounds like a wonderful idea! :0)

  6. You could always speed up the video Kathryn. An e-book is always interesting. I bet people would love to get it.
    The background of this rose is wonderfully done. And the beginning of the rose is very promising :0)
    Thank you,

  7. Go for the e-book - it would be very popular, Kathryn.

    You demonstrate the techniques on here regularly - a beautiful example at the moment - so even a numpty non-painter like me can (almost) understand.