Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I left off about here ...

I've darkened the background, the rose in spots and glazed some of it with a thin aureolin. I think I've done all I'd like with this. Flowers just don't seem to be doing it for me right now. I have a craving for more portraits and landscapes. 

This is the second rose I started, same flower - different angle, and cooler colors.

Meet Trigger. He must be nearing thirty years of age. His owner was at the show I had last weekend [which was quite successful - YAY] and she decided she'd like a portrait of the lad. So I was over at her farm on Monday taking lots of photos. She wanted him painted while he still had his summer coat, as he goes very white and shaggy in the winter. More good painting news for me - my brother-in-law likes the painting of the Burrard Bridge, and would like me to have it framed for his office. But I must admit, I STILL don't really love the painting.

As always, your comments are most welcome!  


  1. It's funny that often the paintings we are least confident about, others like the most, lol! Your rose is superb! The colours are so vibrant and yet remain fresh and delicate. Perfect! :0)

  2. Oh, that rose is just AMAZING, love the color and the rich background!

  3. Breathtaking rose, Kathryn...it just glows!
    ...And Trigger is quite handsome (Roy Rogers!!).
    Sounds like some good art happenings are coming your way :) :)

  4. Hi Kathryn:) I like your rose gorgeous. I find the color not only beautiful but also the depth in the leaves of the rose. But there is something about the green leaves and the background. Not that I would do it better! (I wish I could) Perhaps it is because of the different colors green. Anyway I don't know what it is though.
    What fun that you may paint Trigger. I'm sure you'll do a great job on it. Good luck with Trigger:)

  5. This is absolutely perfect, Kathryn!! You paint flowers beautifully!!!

  6. Beautiful Rose Kathryn! Great balance between the background shadow and the Sun lit petals and leaves of the Rose.

  7. The rose is the most beautiful rose in the garden.
    We can smell its sweetness.
    And it looks so real- you did amazing !

  8. Just love the rose, Kathryn - so much better for seeing it emerge from nowhere!

    When I was a kid and watched the Saturday morning Movies in black & white, Roy Rogers was the Cowboy legend and of course his horse, Trigger

  9. Hi Kathryn (never knew your name before!) thank you for getting back in touch. Your rose is perfect - I find them very tricky to do, but you've captured the delicacy so well. x

  10. You make such beautiful floral paintings, Kathryn!
    This rose is incredible, breathtaking!
    Yes, it's true, sometimes other people like what we don't like... sometimes I gave away paintings that I wanted to discard, because someone wanted to frame them!
    But maybe it is so because we are too severe with ourselves, and we can't see the beauty in our works, in ourselves...
    I am happy for the commissioned portrait of Trigger: the subject is gorgeous, and I am looking forward to see your painting!

  11. When in Italy recently, I brought the material... tried and realized that I need some real lessons! I'm really and even more impressed by your work now! :-)