Saturday, August 25, 2012

WHY Do We Do This???

Some light initial glazes ...

... and I end up here

Leaves are basically, there, but need more touching up.

Start petals, w/w with aureolin, quin. pink and cobalt blue.

The model

Why do we paint? And ride horses? - not just ride, but aspire to dressage movements? I'm feeling like a caged tiger today. I usually do get this way when fall is starting. It must be some sort of atavistic behaviour, like following the migrating herds.
I'm feeling very frustrated today. Still fussing with the *%&# bridge, though John said to frame it - he'll take it for his office. The leaves in this painting look like felt cut-outs. How to fix?
The weather is cooler. Bruno has been gradually getting his winter coat. He is also full of himself - makes for much more "exciting" rides. That's another "why". If I had known what it meant to ride and keep a horse those many years ago, would I do it? The number of times I left a lesson in tears of frustration, the many times I was injured ... And I still go back for more! If anyone has some answers, please let me know. I think I need to go out and do some physical work.

As always, your comments are most welcome! 


  1. Oh one of those days, huh? Can't help you there, I had one too, I can only offer commiseration. :) I have a look at the bridge in a minute, I am sure it is great. Did you see the Olympic dressage? I so enjoyed it!

  2. Oh dear I suppose we do these things because we love doing them and can't imagine not doing it - I can't imagine not painting even though it can be frustrating at times - and I still drag my sweaty body up steep hills and mountains even though it makes my legs ache and pant like a dog! But the feeling when you get to the top and see those glorious views makes it worth it and you soon forget the pain lol! Bless you I hope the frustrations of life leave you soon and you start feeling better about your painting (which is fabulous by the way) and riding!

  3. We paint because we can't otherwise...It is our nature, like for horses running.. We can't stand still when we see the beauty, we need to act..

    Great questions Kathryn!

  4. Dear - I am sure you do not feel that bad today. I have no answer, I just now that life has ups and downs - very often combined with some hormones. And what I know for sure, it goes away!
    But, off course, it is never good to say farewell to summer. You are the fortunate one not living in Norway - winter here is dark, icy and cold - sometimes I think it is like a hell. But another day the sun is shining at snow and ice (these few hours is on), I do not fall even once, and I feel something that reminds about happiness. Ups and downs. Hugs from Maria
    PS In norwegian we do not have saxon genitive - we just put "s" when we own something like in Marias Teater, in english would be Maria's Theater. Hugs again, Maria

  5. Me gustan tus trabajos. Yo pienso que tu eres duro contigo mismo. Tu trabajas duro con tus pinturas y eres tan perfeccionista. Tus trabajos son muy buenos. Enhorabuena

  6. Oh, you are being too hard on yourself!!! This is looking very good - but you are right about the leaves because you need to soften some edges; that's all!! As for riding, well, I don't know what makes anyone want to ride a big horse that can toss you off or step on you or whatever but to see a person who knows how to ride on a gorgeous animal is a real treat for those of us who would do it if we could = another type of artistry!! Take care of yourself :)