Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I LOVE It When the Portrait Starts to Come ALIVE ...

I'm continuing to glaze the pink/orange mixture on the face and neck ...

I've not looked forward to the hair, but I've started ...

I've taken the masking from the eye high-lights, and touched up the iris and pupil - may need more - and I've placed the shadows for her shirts. The very dark blue is a blue/black mix, with indothrene blue glazed over all. The lighter shadow is cobalt blue.

The shirt I've done with a mixture of phthalo and cobalt blue.

I'm taking the day off riding. I'm not sure if it was the weather or not, but when I jumped off Bruno's back yesterday morning, I felt like I was coming down with a flu. I forced myself to drive over to my hay supplier's farm to check out the hay before he delivers it. Then I came home, fed Bruno lunch, and went back to bed for four hours, wrapped up in every quilt I own. When I got up around 4PM,  I was still feeling weak and dizzy, and the weather was really feeling ominous. Then for 5 hours, we had the absolute Mother of a thunderstorm. For almost an hour, the lightning and thunder were literally non-stop. The rain was torrential. When there was a lightening of rain, I went out to check on the lad. Bless his horsey soul, he was fine, and just standing in his shed watching the light show. Any other horse I've had would be panicking, running around in the storm. So we stood together for a while, and watched Mother Nature do her thing. Then, Pat and I took the dogs out for a quickie before bed. Still not feeling quite strong enough to ride, so I'll paint. Then this afternoon, I'll head out to put up some posters advertising my upcoming open studio on August 18 and 19, and put a few more invitations in nearby mailboxes. I'm ready, and looking forward to my show - I just hope lots of people show up!

As always, your comments are most welcome!  


  1. Hello Kathryn:) This portrait is going to be outstanding! Maybe your body is telling you to take it a little bit easy? Take care!

  2. This is coming out so beautifully Kathryn..one of your best portraits!! If it looks this good now, I can only imagine how its going to look when finished!!. I think you've been doing too much lately..take time out to relax if you can..we don't want you to get sick!!

  3. You really got that peachy complexion down Kathryn! Hope you are feeling better!!

  4. Hi Kath
    The portrait is looking spectacular! And yet there is more to come. Her eyes look soo cool!

    I hope you get to feeling better. My moms are getting over their colds,, a little at a time.
    If I was there,, I would bring you some chicken soup to make you better,,,, but since I can't.. go grab those quilts and snuggle more. I think "the lad" is taking it easy too. Right?

  5. It is interesting you mentioned that the painting helped you to fight the flu. The art saved my life so many times when I had migraine.
    the portrait looks very professionally made. The washes are outstanding.

  6. Oh dear - I hope it passes and you don't get the flu! I'd love to have seen the thunder storm - we don't often get them here and they never last for more that a few minutes when we do.
    I really wish I could come to your show. Good luck with that! And the portrait is looking great! It's amazing what even just a bit of hair can do :0)

  7. Sandy took the words right out of my mouth. You really did. That's a lovely portrait of a lovely lady. Sorry you're under the weather--but maybe you are under the weather and not a victim of summer flu? I think we're having the storm you had today; my head is killing me and my netty pot didn't do the trick. Painting is it for me too. My cannoli need more orange.
    Tea with a dollop of B&B is good. Relax--even relaxing you've got a lot to do--so relax doing nothing is this doctor's orders.

  8. The portrait is looking lovely kathryn! I really like her rosy glow. That's not easy to achieve. :) And I hope you get feeling better soon, even though you weren't feeling well your description of the storm made me feel peaceful, just like watching mother nature always does for me.

  9. Oh, that is coming along really well. It really inspires me to get my paints out, I have been working on some drawing but your quite an inpiration. Good luck on the Open Studio this weekend.

  10. So sorry to hear you were not feeling well and hope that is all in the past by now. What a trooper Bruno is - and you too for braving the weather to comfort him. Good luck with your show - I hope you get non stop visitors and many sales!