Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Portrait in Progress ... or ... What Happens When You Cross Chuckie with Pris ...

This is my free-hand drawing - rather pleased with it.
This is Isla, my inspiration. I was visiting one of my sisters a week ago, and her neighbors' children caught my eye. They all have gorgeous, carrot-red hair. So I asked the dad if I could take some photos. He agreed, so here I am, playing with Isla's portrait.
These are the first washes, all done one color at a time. I am using quin. coral, phthalo blue, aureolin and alizarin crimson.
More pure pigment glazing ...
This morning, before heading out to ride, I did a w/w application of a shadow color for the skin, using the same three colors  mentioned earlier. The hair is painted using aureolin and quin. sienna, with a touch of phthalo blue for the shadows. At this stage ... OK ... it's the really UGLY stage. When I look at it, I keep seeing Chuckie, of the horror movie fame, and Pris, from Blade Runner. I love the movie "Blade Runner", but have never watched any of the Chuckie slasher movies. I prefer more subtle movies.

Thank you for dropping by! Your comments are always welcome.


  1. YIKES! The painting does look Chucky-like at this stage! But we know that it will improve quickly ☺

  2. What you do is so amazing!!

  3. Very good drawing, you have beautifully captured the face.

  4. I've never watched that film either Kathryn! I'm a comedy gal myself. Hate anything gory!!
    Your drawing is fabulous - those shadows are perfect on her skin... Will look forward to the end result :0)

  5. Kathryn! You have made me laugh and realize that my portraits go through this exact same stage!

  6. Oh, I am struggling with the three portraits - and I didn't even do a great drawing (which you did!). Strange how, once that color goes on, it all goes off the deep end. I know you will get this to work, though - you are determined and you have the skills and talent to do it :) You did make me laugh, though!

  7. Hahaha, I know she will be great when you are finished!

  8. Kudos to you for tackling portraits! Your post just cracked with up with your comparison of the painting to a cross between Pris and Chuckie! BTW, that Chuckie movie was so disturbing I can't even believe I watched it. No more of that kind of stuff. I agree with you that Blade Runner was a fine movie.

    Back to the painting, I think it's gonna be just fine. Watercolor painting goes through "unfortunate" stages as it progresses.