Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another Drama Queen Is Done ... and This ... That ... and the Other ...

Yes, it really is finished. I painted this to give to a dentist friend of mine - a sweet, gentle lady who lets me bring my family in to the office twice a year for the recall appointments. She does like dramatic paintings, and she loves purples, so I hope she loves the painting. 

I was here Saturday for a few hours, giving a demo and promoting the art courses offered.   

Sitting beside me for much of the time was Sam. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and we discovered we both love H. P. Lovecraft stories [that's the book she is holding up] and "popular" books on quantum physics and cosmology. Who'd have known??? Quantum physics is so very unbelievably weird and beautiful!

And here I have my painting propped up in an eye-catching position. And it did. I think I recruited 3 people for the course I will teach in September.

Summer is in full swing here, hot and gorgeous! It's hard to stay inside to paint, and I am such a studio painter.
Bruno is going very well, though hard work for both of us. We are working on getting and increasing suppleness through his body. His past life as a pacer did nothing but make him stiff and resistant. I think I will have to spend some time in the evenings working on his neck, giving him a massage. WHAT a life he has!
I think Scruffy has fallen in love with the lad, and thankfully he is very tolerant of her. Today, she followed me into his paddock when I went to feed him dinner. She is almost totally blind, and has never been around horses, and she stood right under his body. He gently lifted a hind leg to nudge her out of that very dangerous position. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. I think I was holding my breath. With any other dog, he would have used that leg and hoof as a most effective weapon, and sent the dog flying. But to be safe, I think old Scruff will have to stay out of his domain.
Maggie is quite the character. She has turned out to be a rug chewer, and a shoe thief. But it hard to be angry with her - she is sensitive and seems to over-react to scolding. Hopefully she will outgrow most of her vices ...

That's about it for now. I thank you for dropping by! And your comments are always welcome. 


  1. The painting is fabulous!!!! It will be so loved!

  2. It seems like a great weather!
    I envy you, you can do something out side.
    Here is almost around 50c. I will be cooked out side.
    Congratulations, You got some more new students!!!

  3. This painting is breath-taking!! She will love it for sure!

  4. The Iris painting is just gorgeous and we can't imagine your dentist friend not loving it!

  5. Your Iris painting is stunning - what a very lucky friend to be the recipient of this gorgeous piece!

    Pleased to hear that your work with Bruno is going well. Trying to reschool racehorses can be difficult, a friend had 2 from a charity that rehomed young racers and spent many years patiently training them that hitting grass didn't mean accelerate from 0 to 50mph in 5 seconds! My horse, Roxy, didn't care much for other animals - particularly farm animals like sheep, pigs or cows ... she wasn't even keen on the company of other equines ... but she loved the yard cat who could often be found curled up in a corner of Roxy's stable or even asleep on Roxy's back in the Winter when she was rugged up.

  6. Kathryn - this is simply beautiful - it certainly would catch any eye. Sounds like a wonderful story regarding Bruno and Scruffy - both of these animals are so intelligent. I am sure Bruno knows Scruffy is blind. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day with me. I sure enjoyed my visit. Take care friend.

  7. What a stunner! I don't think it could be any better than it is - perfection! You have a very lucky dentist! And your life with Bruno and your other critters seems to have a nice balance.

  8. Your iris painting is spectacular. Iris are such pretty flowers with incredible subtle colors. I saw some burgundy ones at my cousin’s house near Paris. My mother used to have many in her garden in greater Paris but here in Georgia I think it is too warm for them – sigh.

  9. An absolutely perfect iris!!!

  10. I must admit...this has to be the most beautiful Iris painting that I've seen, Kathryn!
    Congratulations on this AMAZING painting....how lucky your friend is ...she will LOVE it!!