Sunday, February 22, 2015

Life, and the Art of the Landscape [NOT]

I started this in class as a demo yesterday. Somehow it just doesn't do anything for me. Generally, I am not a huge fan of landscapes, preferring the greater intimacy of a portrait or still life, though I do like the cityscapes of John Salminen and the wild-life works of Morton Solberg.

I did a bit more at home later, but I'd really like to start other paintings.

This is one of the reference photos I took a few winters ago.  I found the abandoned look of these old fence-posts very appealing. Capturing that impression is something else again!

This was class yesterday - 9 happy, busy painters!

My cat-fancier student is thrilled to be able to paint a portrait of her cat.

BUSY  ...

Another student, so happy to be able to create livelier, more expressive paintings. 

This scene caught my eye last night as I was coming back from feeding Bruno. The photo is not great, but it is a crescent moon with Venus and Mars seemingly nearby.

I started a drawing of Voodoo this morning. This is one of the portraits I'd like to work on now.

And another ... my nephew with his Samurai hair-style. I painted it before, but was not thrilled with the result. My niece saw the painting, and fell in love with it, so I am painting another for her. She adores her older brother.

That's about it for now. I hope to have some paintings started for you on the next post ...

Thank you so much for dropping by!


  1. Wow, you sound busy! I'm glad you caught that moon shot, I've never seen this before but have heard about it. I have trouble staying up late to catch this sort of sight. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hello, dear Kathryn,
    How I wish I could join in on your class... I am sure It would be most enjoyable and informative. I have so much to learn when it comes to watercolor... Took it upon myself to ~teach~ myself years ago.
    I love your horse drawing and your demo for class!
    You have a very handsome Nephew... Samurai hair-style and all..
    Enjoy the day

  3. Wow! You look and sound happily busy. Look forward to developments

  4. There are in between times in painting. You're in one till you pick up your brush and start painting your nephew. Handsome lad.

  5. Magnífico, Kathryn, se ve un ambiente entusiasta en la clase y la gente disfruta aprendiendo. Es una labor estupenda y que te hará avanzar en tus propios trabajos. Te aconsejo que se expongan los trabajos de los alumnos a la vista y se analicen . Es una forma de aprender unos de otros. Saludos y ánimo.

  6. We love seeing the photos of your class!! And we LOVE the moon photo and stars! love

  7. Dear Kathryn, I so agree with you on painting landscapes, to me they are a struggle too, though I actually think this one looks like it could become something great . Your nephew looks adorable ( he might not like that word :-))) ) , looking forward to seeing the portrait. xx

  8. Wonderful start with "Voodoo".....I always love your horse paintings!!! and I'm looking forward to seeing your Nephew's portrait.... the photo of the moon is incredible!!!

  9. I remember that painting and it was great! Like you, I don't enjoy painting landscape - at least not in watercolour. I may do one in oil one of these days, but I'll have to be in the right mood :0)

  10. You are so busy with your classes and your paintings and planning paintings for the future. All happy stuff!

  11. You are very busy! Painting landscapes is a struggle for me too, they take a special approach, I think. Your class look very happy!

  12. I don't like landscapes as much either. I prefer other things to paint and we have to paint what we love. Did I mention I'm working on a landscape?? Ha ha.. oh boy.. love to you Kathryn, Diana.