Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dare I Hope??? ... SPRING Is Here?

Wishful thinking? I thought I'd try hanging some laundry outside.

His Imperial Highness, hoping for a bit of a snack [which he got]. I have actually been able to start riding again!!!!! And we are doing not badly at all! 

Poor lighting here. I think I am about done with this - almost finished, and I am definitely bored with it. Time for some horse paintings, and some vignettes of forest scenes.

Neighbor up the road, harrowing her ring with her jeep, getting it ready for riding.

Maggie managed to sit quietly for about 1/2 a second.

Possible painting?

Maggins, flying through the woods.

I have no idea what this is, but it had such a lovely, delicate bloom.


Had to laugh at this tiny bird hanging upside down from the branch.

Surprisingly, the wild violets came up this year, despite Maggie's best efforts at digging them out!

Very happy today. The weather is improving, and I can start regular play-time with Bruno. And I finally took the "quality assessment"test that the B.C. dental hygiene college has decided is mandatory for licensure. I have been procrastinating for months. I couldn't be bothered to study, feeling the test to be somewhat of a waste of time [I have always been a rebel], and if I didn't know my stuff after all these years in the field ... Anyway, I passed with flying colors.

That's all for now. Thank you so much for dropping by! 


  1. We love to see you happy,,, and looking for possibilities to paint things...
    Your world is busy,,, and your mind is thinking of spring coming soon! We want spring too,.

  2. Definitely looks like spring is in the air, Kathryn. Wonderful scenes for future paintings!

  3. Love hanging clothes on the line - especially the sheets ☺

  4. Congratulations on passing! And what a lovely selection of images! I have dared to put my washing line out but not the washing just yet! :0)

  5. Wow, how lucky you are to have weather like that. LOL that little bird is so cute. Enjoy your day!

  6. The hydrangea looks terrific--as delicate as those florets are. And how lovely it is that someone is seeing green! Here it's the high for the day will be one! I haven't been out doing nothing for months--lucky I love my cabin. I envy you and your neighbor. Lively subjects are always more interesting than still life subjects.

  7. Its mild here in Kent (S.E England) but raining heavily so no chance of hanging washing outside to dry. I love the upside-down bird photo :-)

  8. The violets did it, you convinced me that spring is just around the corner. My violets hasn't started yet , so you are obviously ahead of us ! Your Hydrangea petal is gorgeous and so delicate and light it looks like it can blow away any moment ! xx

  9. Wow! What an exhilarating post, Kathryn: bursting with spring, buds (is that a Fucia?) and things that go bump in the woods - dogwise! I shall look forward to your horse paintings; I'm about to try to pain horses for the very first time.

    Glad you got the bureaucratic test out of the way. Prepare for a happy art/horse/dog spring!

  10. Love seeing your photos and, of course, Bruno the Magnificent! Happy for you that Spring is on the way and many congratulations on passing your test so wonderfully!

  11. Hi Kathryn:) Lovely photo's!! Bruno is so nice. Bruno seems to me a very patient horse and very reliable. What good of Maggie that she has sit for a 1/2 second. That's almost better than my naughty dogs) You do not have to worry about the hydrangea. He looks beautiful. Very nicely with that shadow. Do you be careful with horseback riding? On to the summer! Big hug for you all three:)