Thursday, February 12, 2015

Still Fascinated with Dry Hydrangeas ... Works in Progress

Maggie, waiting at the door - desperate for a walk
Love painting the dried hydrangea - so subtle and delicate, and almost abstract.

The colors I used were quin. gold, permanent rose and cobalt blue for the initial light glazes. Later I switched to indanthrone for darker colors.

I thought the shadow would be good in basic black, but this morning ...

... I glazed over it with indanthrone.
The painting is 11.25 x 8.25 inches.

I worked on both of these at the same time, but the first one must have caught my interest more, as it was finished first. I am using the same colors for this, too. 

9.25 x 12.25 inches

Maggie ... the Stealth Dog ... the Maggot ... She is decidedly a handful! I have been following some of Cesar Millan's videos, and have read one of his books. It's helped a lot with understanding her [and Bruno, too]. She is a very high-energy dog - could probably be out all day, walking and running. Me - not so much! I think I'll have to get an old bike, and teach her to run beside me. Walking her for an hour or so, at a fast clip is not enough. According to Cesar, a well-exercised dog is a content and well-behaved dog. Yesterday, we were out walking, and she was seriously distracted by another dog. She cut in front of me, and I tripped and went flying onto the gravel - sprained a finger and took some chunks out of the palm of my hand. It has made painting a little more interesting! 
Well, that's it for now from the farm ...

Thank you so much for dropping by!


  1. I hope your hand is better today. Interresting to follow your painting of the flower. Take care! See you soon!

  2. Maggie sounds like a handful and a delight all at the same time! Love your delicate and poetic hydrangeas!

  3. That is not nice to trip your mom and cause injury, Maggie! We hope your mom's hand and finger stops throbbing soon! Our mom LOVES hydrangeas. They remind her of Nantucket ♥

  4. Oh Maggie is high energy- like I used to be!!

    Your flower is coming to life!

  5. Dear Kathryn,
    Oh gosh, I hope you are really ok.. Sounds like you really took a spill. You know I have watched Cesar for years, he makes it all look so simple... I keep telling Jasper to pay attention when I watch..

    I just love your paintings here... Hydrangeas are such a delicate and beautiful flower, and you have captured it beautifully. And I love the shadow.
    Wishing you a lovely upcoming weekend.

  6. Wonderful work, Kathryn! I love the softness of these flowers!

  7. Hi Kathryn) I had not yet responded to your last post but I do have enjoyed the story of teacher Kathryn. I have the idea that they are all eager to learn, and their results are beautiful. I respect you. You do that in addition to all your other pursuits! Maggie is a sweetie, that I see clearly. And Yes, all dogs do need a leader, but especially love. Me too am sometimes mad at my dogs, but in the end they know how to get my love again. Cycling with the dog is perfect for loosing energy. First start with walking with the bicycle between you and Maggie. You on the left side of the bicycle and Maggie on the right. So she can get used to the bike. In any case, your paintings again beautiful. As always!! Hugs and happy Sunday)

  8. This post of yours slipped under the radar ... I've only just seen it creeping down the roll!

    I just love dogs, they're such great fun, miss mine bless 'em ... still dream about them: when we run for miles. Hope your hand heals soon - there's nothing worse than a damaged hand: everything you do is painful, and every knock is on the injured part.

    One day I might try watercolours you make things look so wonderfully inviting. Such delicate beauty in this latest painting of yours.

  9. Beautiful flowers! Sometimes I watch Millan on tv too, even if I haven't a dog. Good sunday! Arianna

  10. Oh my! She sounds quite a character, lol! Hope you are okay! I am envious of the lovely walks you can enjoy with her since it looks like Sherlock will be having a far more invasive op on his leg in a couple of weeks which will mean 6 months recovery... Poor boy lives for his walks and I am going to feel so guilty because he wont understand why I am not taking him out... Anyway - on the upside I am loving your flowers! Gorgeous! :0)