Wednesday, July 8, 2015

No ... I Have Not Disappeared into a Black Hole ... or ... Some Works in Progress

What is on the go ...

The peony is done, trimmed, and ready to be mounted on a cradled frame I have prepared.

The geese are waiting, too.

Reference photo for latest work.

I masked the flowers and stems, and laid in two washes of phthalo blue for the background.

The stems were aureolin, quin. gold and phthalo green, The flowers started with some permanent rose.

I decided to finish the stem on the right first. I used the pink, and mixtures of aureolin, pink and cobalt blue for the various greys of the shadows.

More glazing, and eventually a lot of dry brush work.

I used a bit more of the intense, staining colors for the flowers on the left, as well as the softer greys I had mixed earlier. This is a 9 x 12 inch work, and will be varnished, and mounted on a cradled frame as well.

Miss Pumpkin
She came here about seven years ago. She already had some sort of abdominal hernia. It became much worse over the last two months. Surgery would be horribly expensive, and with low probability of success. So I asked my horse vet if he would euthanize her, and she passed on quietly on Monday out in the garden with me and Mario, and the dogs [at a distance].  

We have had some very weird weather here as well. The temperatures have been in the low to mid-30's C, with not a drop of rain for ages. Of course, there have been forest fires as well with the dryness. The above photo shows the sky on Sunday - that is smoke, not cloud. Thankfully, the smoke is clearing today.

Well, that's life on the farm right now. Thank you for visiting!


  1. Love your peony painting. It's just stunning on black and our mom loves sweet peas. They are so old fashioned and so pretty! RIP, Miss Pumpkin. What a cutie you were ♥

  2. Seeing how gorgeous the greens are and how you shaped them slowly and carefully, bringing them to life, was great to watch. Of course, the petals are gorgeous, too, but I was very impressed with the step-by-step all the way! So sorry for Miss Pumpkin but 7 years of the good life was a gift for her :)

  3. How lovely to see them with their frames like that! It gives a much better idea of how your paintings actually look. Maybe it's having some scale. They look amazing!

  4. Kathryn, I am so sorry about Miss Pumpkin.

    Your paintings are beautiful, as usual! Carry on!

  5. Dear Kathryn - your paintings are looking gorgeous. I like the mounting on the cradle style. Makes your work look really extraordinary. Your phthalo washes are just perfect in the background of that lovely pink flower. I am once again so sorry about Miss Pumpkin. I know you are missing her. Thinking of you. Hugs

  6. sorry about Miss Pumpkin :(

    and very pretty flowers :D Can I ask what masking fluid you use. I have yet to find one that doesn't stick too much to the paper :/

  7. I am so sorry about Miss Pumpkin, Kathryn. The sweet peas are gorgeous, they look a bit different from the variety we have over here, but equally beautiful!

  8. How did I miss this post? Those paintings are really looking superb.

    Bad luck with your cat, but you made the kindest and wisest decision.

    Our weather is the opposite to yours, cold and wet - we've had to put the heating on....in July!!!!

  9. Wow! I have missed SO much Kathryn! First of all, I'm so sorry about Miss Pumpkin.! That's the only thing I don't like about having a pet! We know its the right thing to do and yet.....
    Your peony is amazing .. I think painting it on a black canvas brings everything out! nice work! and love your latest work on the flowers. You definitely have become the Master of painting flowers!!! It feels wonderful visiting all my blogging friends...!

  10. Dear Kathryn:) Sorry to be so long not on your blog. I was once more lazy:( I went all the way down your blog to read all I missed and it was like I started reading a book: a good book! I have so enjoyed your goose story, haha. They are again very nice! Your azalea is so beautiful come forward with that dark background. A very good choice!! The pictures of your class are beautiful! I think all satisfied students. It could not be otherwise with such a teacher:) The pictures of the swallow babies are so sweet! I'm kind of cocky, but is the hibiscus in the picture no Hollyhock? In any case, a beautiful flower. I'm so sorry about Miss Pumpkin. She looks so sweet. I'm sure the other animals knew what was going on.In any case, it was nice to read your blog again:) Hugs for Maggie and Bruno! XX

  11. You are total amazing Kat. All of your paintings,, are more than wow! So beautiful!.

    I think its us who is in the hole--!
    your magic,,, and we love it!