Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winter ...

This was Maggie yesterday, having a blast in the snow, but glad to get in later by the fireplace.

I HAD to get a photo of this jogger  - wearing shorts at 8 AM at minus-I don't-know-what cold!!!

Bruno, showing off his new blankie. He has 2 older ones that were keeping him dry, but becoming heavy with retained moisture. He is warm and snug even at -10C.

Haven't been doing much serious painting - just farting around, trying different effects for some hollyhock leaves ...

   ... and trying some big swaths of paint to get the look of a forest's edge. I really do not get along with sedimentary paints.

Doing a lot of drawing though - trying to get the proportions and perspective right for a painting I am doing for Scott, my farrier. We initially started off with Scott, his horse and his dog, and, at Scott's request,  have moved on to including all his past Border Collies [three of them]. The only photos he has of the older dogs are not digital, so it's difficult to make them out from 4 x 6 inch prints. For the shapes, I am googling Border Collie photos on the internet; the colors will be fine from the old photos. 

Some sketches of coyotes - was thinking of putting them by the woods' edge in a painting.

Bill, aka psycho-kittie - my sister's cat, and he really is completely unpredictable.  He has this odd trait - his eyes turn from light green to a very dark almost black; it really looks as if he is possessed!

A LOT more coyotes.  I was getting frustrated - they were looking  like house-pets, not wild animals.

I quite like this sketch so far, but feel the horse at 3/4 profile [not full profile as this is] makes a more powerful image.

So here it is, at my least-liked time of year. And a close friend [his wife and I are very good friends] is in hospice. All one can do is to always continue trying to see the good and the beautiful in life.

As always, thank you for your visit! 


  1. So this is where all the snow is !! Love the photos and so glad to see you back. xx

  2. Just love the photographs, Kathryn - the jogger is a classic.

    Although I live at a quite Northerly latitude, snow seldom falls here as we stick out on a peninsular, into the Atlantic and the prevailing damp air-stream.

    My daughter has a border collie pup (Blodwyn)- from generations of Welsh working sheepdogs. Great dog, boundless energy and intelligence.

    Looking forward to the Farrier painting.

    Keep warm and fit & well

  3. Your drawings are wonderful! We sure wish we could play in the snow with you, Maggie!

  4. I love the sketches, and the forest's edge paintings! Not my favorite time of year too, but I have improvised a painting spot in the living room, so I am happy. Sorry to hear about your friend.

  5. I've missed you!!!! Love all your photos and your drawings are fantastic! I look forward to seeing the next stage! Your sister's cat is going to be a winner!!! Have a wonderful day Kathryn!!!! Hugs!

  6. we have seen prople jogging in shorts and tshirts, not in minus degree weather but not far off, crazy people :p

    if you scan the tiny photos at a hi dpi, you should be able to get working images that are bigger

  7. beautiful images and lovely study sketches!

  8. Glad to see you so busy sketching and filled with ideas to paint. I do agree about changing the profile of Scott's horse - what an ambitious painting it is and I know you will knock it out of the ball park! Stay strong for your friend and through the cold winter days - they may be cold but those snow photos sure are beautiful!

  9. Dear Kathryn you are back. Been missing you. So glad to see Maggie frolicking in the snow and to read that Bruno is doing well. Such a wonderful painting of the eagle in your previous post. As always it is such a pleasure to view your art. Keep safe a warm friend. Hugs!