Monday, April 24, 2017

WOO - HOO ... Final Stage of the Cats

THIS is what I LIKE! A nice soft and supportive background. I mixed some gold and indanthrone, painted along the outline and scrambled it outwards to soften. I may add a touch more near her eyes with the blue, but overall I do like the look.

This was one of my many attempts to get "the look".

Sponging ... NO!

A swatch with some other attempts and color combinations.

More trial and error ...

EEK!!! NO!!!


Like the effect but not the color. Thankfully, I had all the color studies I had done earlier  with which to play.

Nice, but too dramatic, I feel, for the owner. I will be using gentle colors tending to warm, and something to bring out their eyes.

And this is a sketch of one of my next projects. Meet the Greater Bilby. I had never heard of this beastie before, and when I saw a photo, I felt compelled to draw and paint him. He is a rabbit-sized marsupial, living in the drier areas of Australia. He is also on the endangered list. I would like to do [hopefully] one drawing and/or painting a week of an endangered animal.

Thank you so much for dropping in!!!


  1. Great to see all your background experiments, you chose the right one! I've never heard of the greater bilby, and I cannot find his name in Dutch. Must be a very rare animal, and I love your idea of painting endangered animals!

  2. We love the pictures of you deciding on the best background! It's really fun to see an artist at work!

  3. These are such good watercolor sketches Kathryn!!! The greater bilby is definitely new to me...lol. Doing paintings of endangered animals is going to be so interesting...I'm really looking forward to that. I hope you are well!!!

  4. You were right to practice and try out so many combos and styles - this top one is obviously the winner and I'm looking forward to seeing all those kitties together against this soft, muted, but beautiful background!!

  5. Dear Kathryn - You chose perfectly the wonderful background to contrast your gorgeous kitty. Fun to see your ideas and thoughts behind each face. Never heard of your endangered species. Will be looking forward to your drawings as you embark on this project. Take care and have a wonderful day. Give Bruno and Maggie a hug for me.

  6. the green background goes great with the cats eyes :) and drawing one endangered animal a week is a good challenge :)