Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Here are a few of us - when the weather is fine, we paint outside on the patio. 
One of my student's works - her first dog.

Another student's work-in-progress

Marie was ecstatic with her landscape.

She let me know her husband had it framed for her the next day!

A forest scene I started as a demo.

Another demo - almost a poured watercolor - of a moon bridge in Germany.

I liked the shapes so much, I wanted to paint it again.

An unfinished demo of Lighthouse Park [unfinished because the paper was starting to take the pigment in an uneven, strange way].

Some quickie demos of shadows

A brooding sky - one of the students LOVES sky paintings, the more turbulent, the better. This one actually turned out quite well, and I was surprised how easy it was to create. I don't do a lot of loose painting, and when I do it amazes me. Watercolor, left to do its own thing, does beautiful things.

And of course, there is ALWAYS the critic!!!
I have, and still am, enjoying teaching so much. I think, if it wasn't for the students, I wouldn't be painting or drawing at all. Slowly, I am beginning to feel the desire to paint again. I visited another nearby artist [Linda Muttitt], who teaches and has a mentoring program. She is an utterly delightful woman, and most inspiring! I will continue seeing her throughout the fall and winter.

Meanwhile, we are having a very hot and smoky August here near Vancouver. It has been the worst year for wildfires in British Columbia, and the smoke has worked its way down to the coast. The air is bitter, hazy, the sun barely visible; when the moon comes up, it is deep pink - all very eerie.

Many thanks for your visit!


  1. Congratulation for your very wonderful art work !!!

  2. Wonderful to showcase student's work. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What talented students you have, Miss Kathryn, and what a lovely spot to spend the day painting!

  4. Prayers for no more wildfires
    Beautiful paintings, your students have a good teacher. Its always a delight to see your artwork.

  5. Dear Katherine your students' work certainly shows what a great teacher you are...even if Bruno is not quite as complimentary! :)!! Sorry to read about your wildfires. I am sure that has to be very frightening as well as eerie. Take care friend and have a great week. Hugs!

  6. very talented students, must have a good teacher :)

  7. So wonderful to see your students work! Painting together is great. I'm glad to hear that your desire to paint is coming back, that is great news. I googled Linda Muttitt, her work is very inspiring.

  8. We all know now how talented you are from what we see in your students Kathryn.....and so glad seeing posts from you again!!! I miss seeing your paintings and hope you start posting them again....!!! Enjoy this beautiful day!!!!!

  9. Good to see you've made it out of the doldrums, Kathryn. Really glad you are teaching it will give you purpose and reward - as you well know. The only paint I have managed to put down in months and months was a coat of primer on my boat today. Think I'm getting back, but I said that before, fingers crossed.

  10. Loved seeing the students, their work, and your teaching demoes - and laughed out loud with the photo of the critic! ha ha You can't please everyone :) I would love to see you try a pink moon painting - sounds like a real challenge but fun, too.