Monday, July 10, 2017


I started with some loose w/w washes of yellow ocher, cobalt blue and burnt orange for the ground, and burnt orange for the fox. The greys of his hair were cobalt blue, quin. pink and burnt orange. For the blacks, I switched from cobalt to indanthrone.

I got stuck here - didn't know where to take the background. I've been "stuck" [not even wanting to paint] for several years now, and have been very dissatisfied with my work. So I trekked up to Fort Langley to meet with another watercolor artist. She has been involved with teaching, mentoring and painting for at least twice as long as I have, and is a thoroughly delightful person. We had a great session [more to come], and her words did help me with my block.

Swift Fox
12.5 x 10 in.
32 x 26 cm.
$187.50 unframed
Half of proceeds to be donated to wildlife preservation of your choice
This tiny fox, smaller than a house-cat, is fast [60 kph sprints], nocturnal and an omnivore. He has had a hard time with ranching and agriculture  impinging on his territory. Happily, Wildlife Preservation Canada has been able to establish several self-sustaining populations in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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  1. This fox is finished beautifully Kathryn!!! Sometimes I don't feel like painting so I've been looking at so many "how to" videos. And I've been pushing myself basically before I get rusty Lol. I guess I'm running out of reference photos!!! I need new faces OR do some landscapes. It's good to see you here again, my friend! Let's paint!!!!

  2. your tiny fox looks great :)

    glad to see they are doing ok in some parts of canada. I'm glad your talk with the other artist helped, sometimes we need another perspective on art

  3. Dearest Kathryn - your fox is gorgeous. Smaller than a house cat!! Wow ours here are about the size of a small to medium dog. Amazing the different species within the fox family. Cannot imagine you not being happy with your painting friend. Your work is always outstanding. I know that it is always beautiful to my eye. Have a great day. Hugs!

  4. When we artists get blocked and are unsatisfied with our work it is a physical hurt! I am so sorry you have been feeling this way. You are on the road to a great series and this is a winner - whatever your friend said made a difference = the bg is perfect with just enough there to hint and let the viewer fill in anything else. And a beautiful job on the fox - as soon as that black tip was put on the tail it came to life for me!

  5. Your fox is beautiful and I love the background! I am so happy for you that you met this fellow artist, and got inspired by her! I know how it feels to get stuck.