Monday, June 19, 2017


A Show of Hands
10 x 13 in.
I think the title is apt, as they make their living, so to speak, with their paws.

I took these two photos this morning. Yup, we have moles in the yard.

Here is my dog, Maggie, a year and a half ago. I read that this particular mole has few natural predators ... except Maggie. Needless to say, I was upset.

Pigments for fur - quin. burnt orange, quin. violet, indanthrone
Pigments for paws and muzzle - quin. sienna, quin. pink, indanthrone
Grass - quin. gold, phthalo green, quin. burnt orange, indanthrone

Meet my next endangered species - Townsend's mole. They live almost everywhere here, and are considered endangered in British Columbia.  I believe their endangered status is attributable to their low rate of reproductivity. They navigate underground, about 10 - 20 cm. under, by their whiskers. They are able to detect light, but not images. As well, they have sensitive hearing and touch. They are solitary and territorial. I am happy to say, they are next to impossible to trap. I remember my landlord [who golfed, and loved a pristine front lawn] trying all sorts of gimmicks to get rid of the moles - from smoke "bombs" and traps, to setting those little hand-sized wind-mills on sticks [the vibrations were supposed to bother the moles] But they are still here :)
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  1. Dear Kathryn,
    Love your sense of humor. A show of hands.. haaaa. Love your Townsend's Mole. Sorry about your lawn. A mole came to visit my lawn a few years ago. He worked his way across and has yet to return..
    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead.


  2. Oh dear, adorable on one hand and creepy on another, the hands mostly.
    Sorry to read about the mold problem. Maggie's photo is adorable!

  3. Dear Kathryn - what a sweet painting you have going on. We have tons of moles and since I live in a woods and things are kept pretty natural...I never mind the piles of dirt that make the yard look less than pristine. My motto is (for the most part) live and let live!. Have a great day. P.S. that Maggie is truly lovely. Hugs!

  4. I sense mixed feelings about this endangered mole species. :) Your painting is fabulous! He looks like he is saying hi!

  5. Whoa! Those are some serious claws! Your painting is wonderful☺

  6. not something you see a lot of in art, well done with him :) mole hill have nothing on badger sets, now there is a big hole in the ground with a very nasty surprise inside lol both are a pain if a person loves their yard I guess

  7. Talk about "unique"!!!! Love this painting Kathryn!