Sunday, March 25, 2018

Some Latest Student Work

Here we have two versions of the goslings we all recently completed.  I am so happy to see the improvements in their work. Though they must sometimes think I am an ogre, standing over them, giving step-by-step advice as they paint, cracking my whip [not really]. 

This is a landscape of a nearby steam - the Little Campbell River. I tried the scene recently, was very dissatisfied, may try again. But here J. has done a gorgeous job, bringing into being a typical Fraser Valley morning sky. She has laid down a graded wash of aureolin, and after drying, another wash of grey [aureolin, quin. pink, cobalt blue].

One of our projects this last week was on lifting - not an easy concept or technique, but well handled here.

I am still very happily teaching one or two days a week, and I believe my students are happy with their work, too.  I wouldn't mind having a few more students, especially in the Spring and Summer when we are able to paint outside on the large patio, overlooking Pat's garden and Bruno's paddock and field. If you know of anyone in the Fraser Valley area who would like help with drawing or watercolour painting, please leave me a note.

Thank you so much for dropping by!

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