Sunday, November 25, 2018


Maggie, sorely in need of entertainment and exercise, has resorted to  caving in the hay shed.

She finds a slot between the bales, and dives down, looking for rodents.

Sometimes she completely disappears, and I wonder if I am going to have to excavate her from the hay!

Second start on the BIG rooster. The finished size was about 25 x 30 inches.

Looking quite handsome and rooster-ish.

Now the background ...

Finished ... finally! Picked up, and ready to fly off to Hong Kong to his new home.

I disappeared off the radar, as I was having a lot of trouble with pain, arthritis, muscle spasm - I was not a happy puppy. I barely felt like doing anything, just forced myself to take care of the animals as best I could, and teach my weekly watercolour class.  I was even on synthetic opioids for six weeks. That is a nasty drug. I have weaned myself off, and am now being much more proactive  in taking care of myself. I still visit with my yoga therapist weekly - she is a god-send! And I regularly see a physiotherapist to help with eliminating muscle spasm, and getting some proper strengthening exercises done at his clinic. So I am feeling much better physically and emotionally. I am sketching and painting again, and riding Bruno every other day, and getting out with the dogs again, too. Lordy, I missed being outside in Nature!!!

The rooster was commissioned by a woman, in August,  for her husband's birthday [and I am sure I missed the date]. But she picked her painting up on Friday, and was so happy with him - I was thrilled. So Señor Rooster is off to Hong Kong in December to settle in his new home.


  1. You look like you're having a blast, Maggie! Love the rooster!

  2. Oh noooo! Sorry to hear about the paint Kathryn and I wish you a speedy, pain-free recovery. Maggie looks like she was enjoying herself tremendously and I just LOVE your rooster, beautifully done!

  3. Your rooster is magnificent (and he knows it!).
    So sorry to read that you have not been well. And good that you are getting better. Take care, Kathryn!

  4. Glad you are back to creating :) the rooster is gorgeous

    what better place for a kitty to be then a haystack? trying to find mice and keeping warm :p

  5. no Maggie is a dog not a kitty oops (its 1 in the morning, i blame that :p)

  6. The rooster is BEAUTIFULLY painted, Kathryn!!!!
    Love the background as well on Señor Rooster!!! Glad to see you posting... hope you’re well!!!

  7. Kat,,, It feels so good to peek in on you,,,,and its wonderful to hear you are sort of feeling better,,, How we wish you keep feeling better,,, and enjoying doing a bit here and there,,, and of course,,, this beautiful rooster..!