Monday, November 4, 2019


Drawing, bordered with some old mat board to give me an idea of how to format painting.

First thin w/w wash of quin. sienna.

More w/w washes, some dry brush with softening. Colours I used are my favourite animal colours - quin. burnt orange, quin. sienna, quin. violet and indanthrone - all Daniel Smith.

Just gradually building up layers of depth ...

Collar is a combination of phthalo. and cobalt blue. 

Archie is done, looking very adorable as do all dachshunds.

I am pleased with the painting but not with the circumstances surrounding it. I was commissioned to paint both the client's dogs in time for  them to be given to his wife-to-be as wedding gifts. Before I started, I made sure he knew the price, with and without framing, for both paintings. And I asked him several times before I started the painting whether he was SURE. Yes ... yes ...  I finished it, and asked if he would like it framed, and he asked the price. He felt framing was too expensive, and were there any alternatives. I explained prices for matting and/or putting in protective sleeve. And that was the last I heard from him! I am quite miffed, and consider his behaviour to be unprincipled, especially as he was one of the professionals working with me after my surgery. I would really like to be able to trust a client, but I think, in future, I must ask for a deposit before I start even a drawing. What are your thoughts on the matter?

Thank you for dropping by!


  1. The painting is just beautiful! Shame on those peeps for backing out. A deposit sounds like a reasonable plan to us.

  2. The client's behavior is just shocking, Kathryn. I have no idea how to avoid situations like this in the future. A deposit, yes, or maybe a quotation in writing. So sorry.
    The painting though is beautiful! Gorgeous washes!

  3. My thoughts are.. definitely a deposit. This way at least if they ever back out like he did you have something in your hands that you definitely deserved. That was very unprofessional. Unfortunately, people don't realize how much work goes into painting a portrait..... Shame on him...Archie came out absolutely beautiful.. his eyes are outstanding!!!

  4. Sorry you experienced that. Yes, taking a nonrefundable deposit is a good idea and quote both framed and unframed so the client can choose. I hope you get something out of him soon. Maybe he'll check prices at a framing store and realize you are giving him a fair deal and man-up to his obligation.

  5. Oh, how terrible!! This is a lovely painting, and you know that, but the behavior of some people. Why does everyone think art should be practically given away? Is it just ignorance (they don't know the cost, the time, the effort and the skill involved), or do they just not value art as much as, say, a new iPhone or new boots, or whatever? I would ask for half up front from now on and get everything in writing.

  6. this looks gorgeous! :)
    def ask for a deposit, at least half before you even start any work on anything. its a waste of your time if you dont have some money to fall back on when things like this happen