Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Host of Farm Animals and More ... or ... More Paintings Soon!!!

Crescent Beach - a small marina

Lovely sky and water reflections

Beautiful peach-colored hollyhock near the old farmhouse

Stewart Farm - heritage site of farm home and outbuildings

Two very photogenic toms

Their chatty lady-friend - she chattered away the entire time I was there taking photos.

Here she is.

The toms were in display the entire time.  Maybe the hen was sweet-talking them???

Then along came the family of Chinese geese. Dad was very protective, so I kept my fingers close to myself! 

The kids

Next door to the geese and turkeys was a huge pig pen.

And almost home, I stopped to take some photos of the local sheep.

I don't do well with a lot of noise and loud people. My landlady was having children, grand-children and great grand-children, and assorted other people, so I decided to head out at dinner time and see if I could get some reference boat photos for a painting I'd like to do. I missed out on the boats, but when driving around, did get lots of animal photos. The turkeys were hilarious, with the hen chattering and chuckling and squeaking to me [or herself], and I was trying to talk turkey back to her. The toms were on constant display, all puffed up, with tails fully flared, looking utterly alien. And the geese were delightful - mom and dad and four goslings. 
The area where I live is farming country - small hobby farms and a lot of wooded areas. And close by [about 10 minutes away] is the ocean, with miles of beaches, piers, boats and a long promenade. So I got a bit of everything today with my camera, and came home a happy camper!

Thank you so much for dropping by!


  1. Oh, all lovely photos! I hope to see your paintings soon! Take care! xx Judy

  2. What a fun day and you got such great photos! Love the hollyhocks☺

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing that! we had a houseful last week (10) ....the silence is golden. Great time though.

    Aren't turkeys just the strangest thing?

    I have always fancied building something similar to that heritage farm House - the whole thing appeals to me.

    I found out something strange yesterday, the population of Canada added to the population of Australia, is still smaller than the population of Britain - this tiny island! I bet you really wanted to know that.

    Hope your weather is better than ours, Kathryn - have fun.

  4. We love your country photos!!! You know how to talk goose language? I do too!
    I bet you can smell the ocean, since its not very far away...
    oh and ps...
    we like quiet too

  5. I see so many awesome photo references' here, Kathryn! Good shots... especially love the local sheep!
    I can see you painting the hollyhocks !!!!!! It was the perfect time to leave home and enjoy nature!!!

  6. those are great photos, will make for some nice artwork :) I don't do well with a lot of noise either and all day the neighborhood kids were screaming outside the window :/ bored kids mean screaming apparently :p not broken bones :p

  7. Well it looks like you got plenty of references to paint from! Great pics! :0)

  8. You did it Kathryn:) Now I'm jealous. What a wonderful environment. Nice pictures. The pigs are a favorite to me. So sweet!